Today a gift of $1,000 arrived to the equity fund! I am amazed and grateful.

I have broken through some barriers by first, sending out the letter to family and friends asking for help with my project that raised more than $1,500.  Some gifts came is as $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, $100.00 and $400.00!  What a blessing.  The gifts came with encouragement, bravas and lots of love!!!!

Another hurdle was to go public on GoFundMe and set up an account:
There is a sweet gift there now; seed funding. The amount is magical.  It is the same amount as the ticket for the concert: $33!

Meanwhile, I found it essential to pay attention to the Maiden Event for Goddess Works Media Group, LLC, the Jennifer Berezan Concert. It is just two weeks from today!  Concert May 27 and Sound Healing Workshop May 28

Then, today, came a gift for $1,000! Extraordinary!!!!

Gonna get that trailer made!!!!

Thank you X 1 Million!!!

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