Gifting to the “Mending Fences” Equity Fund

Every time I hear a “bling” (not a “ring”) I check to to see if it is a paypal bling announcing a gift to the Equity Fund of “Mending Fences.” Just lately the bling has been Deadline Hollywood announcing news rather than Paypal. For instance news headlines that read, “Apple Revenue Down For First Time Since 2003 On iPhone Sales Decline” (so sad for them) and “Former Expix Exec Arrested for $8M Defrauding Of Cabler” (so glad I don’t have to worry about that!)

The ebb and flow of my sparkling stream of family and friends is so sweet. Each of you, I deeply appreciate the dollars you have gifted me, the encouragement and the “You go cowgirl!” It does keep me going!

Any thoughts, ideas or inspiration are appreciated!

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